Simcoe County Book of Days - Beginnings to 1919

Simcoe County Book of DaysCoil Bound: 146 pages
Publisher: DBS Heritage Consulting & Communications (January 2005)
Language: English
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by Su Murdoch
Historical Consultant

Simcoe County Book of Days is a welcome addition to my library. Dr. Rudachyk has made a careful selection of key dates, events, and personalities that chronicle the history and development of Simcoe County to 1919. He also inserted enough provincial and world references to remind us that life even in Simcoe County is influenced by global events. 

Whether it is the 1811 government order to survey the Penetanguishene Road, an August 2, 1916, Barrie performance of the Coop and Lent circus, or another detail that strikes your interest, this calendar of dates is fascinating to read.

For residents, local historians, and students with a casual or a professional interest in the highlights of Simcoe County’s past, the Book of Days is a useful reference tool. It is well worth a place in your library.

by the Author

When I first started reading the broad and fascinating history of Simcoe County, I was frustrated by the lack of a place to go when I needed a quick reference or a starting point for my research.

Simcoe County and its communities are well-served by a number of local histories. However, many of these are now out of print, are not widely available, or are not adequately indexed. 

Simcoe County Book of Days draws heavily on those who have gone before. Without the interest and passion of so many authors, this book could not have been compiled.

Their work made this book possible. To them, it is dedicated.

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Rudachyk, B.E.S. (Bradley E.S.)
Simcoe County Book of Days
1st ed.
Includes index.
Contents: v. 1. Beginnings to 1919.
ISBN 0-9683733-0-5
1. Simcoe (Ont.: County)—History—Chronology. - I. Title.
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